Basic Information about Garage Door Springs Repair

There are different types of garage doors from swing up and over to sectional roll-up garage doors. These garage doors are available in many sizes, shapes, and materials from standard 8×7 single garage doors to double 16×7 garage doors.

Some garage doors are installed with a single solid panel and some are designed with multiple sections. There are also metal, wood, and fiberglass garage door which have custom windows, locks, security accessories, and other features you can think of. Well, one thing that they all have in common is how they work and a powerful mechanism that is involved to make the magic possible. These are garage door springs that are used to help the garage door to make it weightless and effortless during opening and closing operations. Visit the link to get more details about garage door springs.

Broken garage door springs:

It is the most common garage door repair task. On average, a standard garage door spring has a life span of 8 to 10 years depending on the quality of springs and specifications designed by the manufacturer. Some overhead garage doors are installed with either one large torsion spring or two on each side of the garage door along the tracks depending on the system of a garage door. It is never suggested for anyone to try attempting the garage door spring replacement without accurate experience and proper tools. If you are trying to do it, you are running under a high risk of injuries. Believe me; it is not worth it at all.

When your garage door has more than one spring and one of them is broken, it is highly suggested that you replace all of the springs at once to avoid further injuries and damages to the garage door panels and other components. Even though your garage door system will work with one spring (if you have decided to replace the only one), you may be running under the risk of having the older spring break soon due to the heavier load on the new spring and decrease its overall life span and leaving you with huge stress, headaches, and expenses.

In some extreme worsen situations; the garage door may drop on you without warning signs and safety support, causing serious damages to other garage door components such as penal, cables, or opener. There is no need to mention what and who is underneath the falling garage door when the spring snaps. If your garage door is running on a single spring mechanism, it is advisable that you should change the system to the double springs. This system helps your garage door to hold it in place when one of the springs breaks. It is a proven security feature that is used by the recent models of garage doors.

It is always suggested that hire a local garage door repair company if you have any confusion and question regarding the garage door spring replacement project before you attempt it on your own.