You are here at our frequently asked questions page. By being here we assume that you are by far interested in what we offer here at our website, may it be just being part of our advocacy or the products that we offer. Either way, you are welcome. We created this Frequently Asked Questions page for you in general. Make sure to read them so you can know and understand more about us and for you to be more informed but what we do on a regular basis.

Q: Do you have a physical store where you can sell your products?

A: So far, all the products that we produce here are only being sold through this website. However, we are already looking into being in partnership with many physical stores so that the buyers can see our products first hand before they buy and so they can test it themselves. Please stay tuned for more announcement on this because you can find more of the only here on our website.

Q: What places are covered by your shipping facility?

A: We have a list of these places which is updated every once in a while. You can find them at the drop-down menu located at the Contact Us page. If you do not see your place there then most probably, we do not have yet the facility to deliver to your place but we are already working to address that.

Q: Are you a formal organization?

A: No, we are not. We are a company with goals and missions that we work hard to make happen. We are not a formal organization nor we are affiliated to one. But you can be a part of our advocacy. Email us to know how. Our contact details are found at our Contact Us page.