Choosing an Automated Garage Door

Manually operated garage door can be an annoying task especially during harsh weather.

It can also be physically challenging for people with disabilities. A remotely controlled automatic garage door can eliminate the need to get out of the car in order to open or close the garage door. In addition to this, it does not need any physical effort and increases the value and security of your house. The standard garage door can easily be converted into an automated system within a limited budget. For more detailed information on the practical applications of automatic garage doors, have a look at

Automated garage door options: There are four types of automatic garage door operating systems that can be operated using an electric mechanism operated by portable handy remote control device or a fixed wall-mounted keypad. The benefit of hand-held remote control is that it allows you to operate the garage door from the car. A fixed wall-mounted controlled panel needs you to leave the car in order to open or close the garage door which is not desirable.

Types of garage doors:

Side-hinged garage doors: These garage doors can be automated but they are a costly, complex, and the least practical option in the busy world. Most automatic side-hinged garage doors are available with customized options.

Up and over garage door: Up and over garage doors are the most famous type of garage door that is one of the easiest ones to buy and convert into an automated version. An automated garage door kit can work efficiently on these garage doors because of the counterbalancing mechanism of the “up and over” structure which also eliminates the load on the motor which has to deal with. There is a variety of conversion kits available to work with these styles of garage doors.

Roller garage doors: These types of garage doors are probably the ideal style for an automation system. They are lightweight, strong, and durable garage doors. They are normally created with either lightweight plastic, galvanized coated steel, or double aluminum skin for insulation features.

These garage doors roll around a tubular steel drum which is placed above the garage door opening. Roller garage doors slide up and downside rails that support the perfect system for automation. Some people buy these garage doors only for automation purposes.

Sliding garage door: These garage doors are constructed with series of sectionalized panels that move on the metal tracks which are mounted on the walls and ceiling. The garage door slides around to the side of the garage door opening to make your home accessible. They can store in the vertical direction against the inside position of one of the walls of the garage when opened. These garage doors are perfect for automated functions. Most models of garage doors come with motorized kits. They offer vertical operating directions this is why they are known as “sectional garage doors”.

Remote control features of garage doors: In order to benefit from the automated system, it is also recommended that choose a garage door that offers a hand-held remote control device. Most kits come with two remote control devices that allow you to operate the garage door without leaving the vehicle alone. These battery-operated devices easily fit into your pocket and purse.